5 slices bacon

1 pound ground beef

1/4 cup grated parmesan

1 2-oz can mushrooms, drained

3-Tbs finely chopped pimento stuffed olives

2-Tbs finely chopped onion

2-Tbs finely chopped green pepper

Partially cook bacon and drain. Pat out grond beef into a 12 x 7 x 1/4" rectangle. Sprinkle with salt and lemon pepper. Top with parmesan cheese. Combine mushrooms, olives, green pepper and onion; sprinle evenly over beef. Roll up as you would a jelly roll. Cut into 5 1-1/2" slices and wrap with bacon. Secure with toothpicks. Cook over charcoal for 8-min on each side.

(-used 1-1/2 lb ground beef and made 6-filets. when patting meat into rectangle, place on waxed paper; this allows you to pull the paper away as you are rolling the meat.)