Caprese Omelet

caprese Omlet

This is so easy to prepare, it will take you just a few minutes.
Ingredients are:
Cherry Tomatoes, cut in half
Fresh Mozzarella, torn
Fresh Basil
In a pan saute your cut tomatoes in a drizzle of olive oil and butter, make sure tomatoes are cut side up when finished. Next, throw in your torn basil and then pour your egg mixture over the top and now place your fresh mozzarella randomly around. I mixed my eggs with water, salt and pepper. Let it cook on medium until it sets, in the meantime, I put my broiler on but put my pan on a lower rack so just the heat from the broiler sets the top.
This omelet is not meant to be thick but rather thin, like a pizza.
Buon Appetito!

From Proud Italian Cook email, 7 June 2010.. Fixed 20June2010