Tortellini Duguid


20 oz box Buitoni Mixed Cheese Tortellini

3 oz sliced Hot Capicola, cut into fine julienne (Kroger was out of the 4-oz of prosciutto the day I was shopping)

box sliced mushrooms

1 cup heavy cream, (plus more if needed)

½ box of Kraft grated Parmesan & Romano Cheese (4-oz) [grating your own would probably improve flavor]

Salt and pepper

Some red pepper flakes (optional)

Birdseye Steam Fresh Single (peas), one package per two servings.

Fresh parsley


Saute mushrooms and capicola in 2-tbsp butter & 2-tbsp olive oil, until mushrooms are tender and capicola begins to crisp.

Add heavy cream , bring to a boil and then reduce to simmer. Add grated cheeses, salt and pepper to taste. Add more cream if it gets too thick.


Cook tortellini according to package instructions while rest is being sauted. When done, drain and then add to the sauté pot. Mix well.


Spoon into serving dishes; garnish with peas and fresh parsley.


Serves 5, especially if served with a salad and nice crusty bread


This is a combination of Vincenzo’s Tortellini Buddeke and Vincenzo’s Tortellini Emiliana, Courier Journal, Wednesday, 1 Dec 2010.