Galt House Chicken Provolone


6 boneless, shinless chicken breasts, 7 ounces each

1 tsp salt,          1 tsp pepper (?)             pinch garlic powder

pinch cajun spice           1 cup flour

1 pint whole mushrooms, sliced              3 Tbl olive oil                 

12 thin slices tomato      6 slices provolone cheese           2 lemon quarters


Combine salt, etc with flour. Wash chicken and pat dry. Coat with flour mixture. Saute mushrooms (use the presliced just as easily) Remove from pan; add chicken and cook at medium temp until each side is light brown and chicken is cooked. When chicken is fully cooked, place 2 slices of tomato (or one if big in diameter) on chicken; top with Tbl of mushrooms  (divide between the breasts) and top with slice of provolone cheese. Cover skillet and allow chicken to steam and cheese to melt. Serve while hot. six servings. Courier Journal  (tried 8 july 96) real easy and good tasting. served with baked spuds and salad.