Reflections in Nashville
Moments in Life: Flipping at Ferrell's
My Barber
A Snip Here, A Snip There
Larry Crunk
My Barber.....
A time to sow
Time to plant, time to sow.....
Street Performer
Street musician on Broadway, Nashville.
Street Performers, Nashville
This group was holding forth on Broadway when we went by ~5:30; they were packing up after 10:00 .
Morning in Hopkinsville
Morning trip to Hooterville
Greeter at BB King
The greeter at BB King's, Nashville
Are You Going to Share Lunch?
Street Performer, Nashville.
He was looking for the Orchestra???
Mandolin Mike, Nashville
Mandolin Mike. If you've been down on Broadway, surely you've seen him.
Mandolin Mike
Mike's mandolin
Silver Man
Silver Man